About Lisa Weingardt

I am a Las Vegas based birth and family photographer and filmmaker passionate about documenting the stories most important to families, stories of the emotions surrounding birth. The stories behind each human being have fascinated me from childhood, and driven my passion for documenting my own family in still images over the years, driving to learn how to document that beautifully. I launched Little Loo Photography in 2011 and specialized in newborn and family photography, in 2018 I rebranded into birth and family storytelling in still images and film. It is here where my passion lies. I worked as a labor and delivery nurse here in Las Vegas from 2000-2019 and dove completely into documenting births in March of 2019 when I retired from my RN role. I am a mother to four children and two grandchildren, and have been married to my supportive and handsome husband for 23 years. I am a Christ follower, marathon runner, and world traveler.
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