Melina Nastazia


About Melina McGrew

I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and came to the United States to attend Wellesley College in MA. I pursued an acting career that brought me to the Actor’s Studio in NYC. I now live in Brooklyn, NY with my incredible husband, Justin, and three wonderful children, Cecilia, Willow and Finny. I have been eager to tell stories through art my entire life, and my theatrical background greatly informs my photography. I am interested in capturing human connection and soul. The subtlety of a look, the gentleness or sensuality of a touch, the visceral love communicated in a myriad of ways through our body language. The focus, abandon or vulnerability we experience when we are lost in a moment, unaware that anyone is looking. Connection is what drives and fuels us and soul is all we have left when everything else is stripped away. I also love creating conceptual, creative, fine art images, because I believe in the power of ideas and fantasy. Imagination is a strong emotional and therapeutic creative outlet. A source of comfort, solace and a means to escape.
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