// 50.00

Your application is reviewed by the Director of Click Pro. You will receive your scoring for each of the seven categories. No personalized feedback is given.


// 85.00

Your application is reviewed by three panelists, including the Director of Click Pro. Notes taken by the panelists are given to you with feedback about your strongest/weakest images and follow-up advice.

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// 300.00

Your application is reviewed by three panelists, including the Director of Click Pro. You will also receive a detailed VIDEO portfolio review from a panelist with a complete breakdown of your work based on the Click Pro Standards.
**You are required to submit your portfolio via Flickr for this option.

What is the basis for the portfolio evaluation?

Our Standards were create along with Click Pro in 2010, evolving into what we have today. Applicants are required to submit a 150 image portfolio of work that is critiqued on the following seven categories. Depending on the application level (basic, personalized, or portfolio), the applicant's portfolio is reviewed by 1-3 panelists, including the Click Pro Director, Courtney Larson. An overall average of 32+ points (out of a possible 42) is required for admission.

The portfolio Standards considers mastery of the following factors on a scale of 1-6:

Exposure Triangle
Color and White Balance
Use of Light
Technical Basics
Creativity & Intention

**Basic and Personalized applicants are required to submit a portfolio of 150 images that is either the applicant’s website or collection-based portfolio. Portfolio review applicants are required to submit a Flickr Album of 150 images.

What is the yearly membership fee??

Prospective Click Pros pay a non refundable application fee. Membership fees are $150 per year.

What kind of images should I include?

Your portfolio should represent the best of what you do as a photographer. As such, we don’t have any requirements surrounding the genres you work in or the techniques you demonstrate. Some of our pros shoot senior portrait sessions, while others focus on personal documentary work, and still others are fine art or landscape specialists. Similarly, some shoot only film, while others shoot exclusively in black & white. Show us who YOU are as an artist, whatever that means to you.

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